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At Romeo’s Pizza, we put food first. No gimmicks, just award winning pizza and great tasting food. Our signature sauce and incredible recipes have created a loyal following of pizza fans.

As a regional/international pizza company, we are an emerging brand with an incredible story to tell, but we can’t do it without dedicated franchisees who are looking to help grow our current footprint.

Six Slices to Ownership


1. Open the Box

a. Briefly share background information and discuss ownership qualifications
b. Discuss culture, core values, & fit within the Romeo’s family
c. Discuss background experience, business acumen & financial backing
d. Discuss opportunities (single, 3-pack & geography)

2. The First Bite

a. Conversation regarding the candidate’s goals and objectives for a franchise
b. Review Franchisee application, corporate support and next steps
c. FDD delivered/Signature

3. Deep Dish Dive

a. What’s the Romeo’s difference
b. Overview the FDD
c. Roles & responsibilities of Franchisee.
d. Q&A – barriers to overcome (if any).

4. Under the Toppings

a. Store visits/corporate overview
b. Product review
c. Operational excellence standards

5. Pizzanomics

a. Review performance
b. Romeo’s economics for a franchise
c. Franchise profile survey
d. Credit/background check
e. Operational assessment survey & Franchisee interviews

6. Placing Your Order

a. Corporate Office visit & official approval letter
b. Final determination regarding ownership
c. Candidate requests franchise agreement
d. Accepts franchise partnership
e. Sign franchise agreement

What's it cost to join the
Romeo's Pizza Party?

The initial franchise fee will be $25,000.

Single Unit

• $100,000 in cash or cash equivalents
• $250,000 in net worth

Multi-Unit Development

• $200,000 in cash or cash equivalents
• $600,000 in net worth

You can expect to invest between $128,000–$383,000 per unit including franchise fees, building improvement costs, training, equipment, operating cash reserves and any additional needs.

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for informational purposes only.
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